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I am a beginner quilter, what are the best rulers/templates to start with?

You will need a good straight edge ruler such as the Pro or ProMIni and a set of circles. These will be the most versatile.

Which is the most popular ProEcho set?

The ProEcho medium is a good set to start with. Then it would be the small and then large.

What is the difference between the ProCurve and ProCurve Lite?

The ProCurve has a deeper curve than the lite. This also means the area that you can cover is smaller. When placing curves in small areas you want to make sure it will read as a curve. If the depth of the curve isn’t a lot then it might read as a straight line.

I have your Divide and Design DVD. what is the difference between that and the iquilt class?

The material is essentially the same. There might be some tips on the DVD that aren’t in the class and the other way around as well.

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