Quilter's Groove® ProLine 1

Mix and Match! Buy 5 or more individual rulers and get 10% off ! (The sets are already discounted! Does not include discontinued rulers)

Are you tired of using rulers and pens to create what you “pray” are perfectly spaced and moreover straight lines? Does the vision of holding your breath and keeping your fingers crossed during those moments of examining your beautiful masterpiece for those unwanted “permanent” markings sound like you? Then worry no more, The Proline Rulers were created for just those reasons. They come in 5 different sizes, each made of 1/4” acrylic and contain guidelines for even the most challenging designs.  These ingenious tools will allow you to quilt a Piano key border or beadboard border stress free and in no time at all.  Sizes include: 1”, 1/2”, 1/4”, 1/8” and 1/16”.  So put those pens and rulers away and breathe easier as you step in the world of The ProLine Rulers.
ProLine 1 = 1" spacing
ProLine 2 = 1/2" spacing
ProLine 4 = 1/4" spacing
ProLine 8 = 1/8" spacing
ProLine 16 = 1/16" spacing

Quilter's Groove® patents No: US D799,936 S and Patent No: US D788,570 S

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