Quilter's Groove® ProCurve 1

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Yes, those dreaded curves, and the painful task of making them appear as though they’re dancing across the fabric.  We’ve all been there, realizing that our amazing art piece has become a nightmare due to being a bit “curve” challenged. Well it is time to incorporate the ProCurve and ProCurve Lite into your quilting process.  These rulers will enable you stitch perfectly spaced curved lines 1", 1/2", 1/4" and 1/8"  apart. Yes, I said PERFECTLY, spaced curved lines!!  They work the same as our wonderful Proline Rulers, except the create curves, makes sense right?!  They are great for crosshatching and curved line fills.  The ProCurve™ 1 and 2 are 7" x 11" and the curve is 8" long.The ProCurve LITE™ 4 and 8, are 5" x 7" and the curve is 4" long.  Both the ProCurve and ProCurve LITE will quickly become your BFF!

Quilter's Groove® patents No: US D799,936 S and Patent No: US D788,570 S

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